Decal/ Sticker

  • Toan Phat provides decals, stickers with high durability, long use time, which can be pasted on all materials, equipment, both in indoor and outdoor environmental conditions.
  • Toan Phat’s decal, stickers are varied in shapes and materials (3M, flexible magnet, plastic, foam ...), printed, and exquisitely shaped, widely used for electronic devices, fixing machine information, advertising, banners….

    General Information

    • Products are developed for attaching equipment components, product identifiers, specifications and warnings required for electronic devices and machines….


    • Core materials: plastic decal, 3M, decal paper, and other specific materials
    • High durability, long service life
    • Technology: multi-color printing, matte laminating, positioning…
    • Can produce according to specific requirements
    Sale Department
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