Paper and foam insert

  • Made and shaped according to each specific product
  • Is a flexible designed product to alternatively make the product tray more professional, increasing the aesthetics and professionalism of the product.

    General Information

    • It is a form of product tray, placed in box types which are hold produts in many fields, especially those that require high aesthetic appearance such as electronics (medical and civil), jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, fashion, food or brand promotion campaigns…


    • Wide variety of colors
    • Made with a variety of technologies: Offset printing, silkscreen printing, matte lamination, glossy lamination, UV glossy, UV matte, Spot UV, full UV, digital printing, hot- foil printing, embossing, debossing…
    • In addition, can be used in combination with other materials (such as paperboard, plastic, corrugated insert…) depending on requirements
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